Configure `drr` load balancing in Traefik

I am trying to use Traefik Load balancing method - drr for which I have configured Readiness and liveness probes in my deployment but I didn’t find any change in the weights of the pods on the Traefik admin dashboard. Can anyone help me out?


In the DRR mode, the weight are not updated inside the dashboard.

Is there any way that I can observe it? Any change?

I think that debug logs are showing drr changes in real time.

Didn’t get your point, logging pods wont show anything.

@ankitjain28may Have you enable debug logs on traefik pods? You should see logs like “decreasing weight of…” at each drr change.

Yeah I have enabled debug logs on traefik pods, but still I didn’t find any logs like you stated in the above comment.

@emile Can you once confirm the steps I followed to setup drr in Kubernetes.

  1. I created two services and added these annotations - drr, one is for returning 404 and the other is for 200.
  2. I added readiness and liveliness probes to the corresponding deployment which return 404 and 200 according to the service.
  3. I have enabled the debug to see the logs of Traefik pods.

@emile Any updates, I am stuck at this from last 2 days.