Certificate not renewing

I have about 9 sites on a server all behind one traefic instance. All the site certs renew but one. For example:
https://airquality.peterkellner.net/ has not renewed
https://air.peterkellner.net/ and https://svcc.mobi (and others) have renewed.
I tried removing my acme.json but nothing worked after that.
Sorry for newby question.

Enable Traefik debug log and check what's happening. Are you sure the subdomain is correctly set for a service? You can check that easily with the Traefik dashboard.

I think I set it right. Here is what I have for my dashboard

That was a big help. I now see I site (m4final.peterkellner.net) was not resolving. I don't mention that anymore and don't use it so now sure why it was effecting my airquality.peterkellner.net (maybe I missed it someplace). I put that back in to my dns and now my cert resolves correctly.