Cert not renewing timeout error?

Hi all I have been using traefik for a good while now and not had many issues this far until now. Suddenly one of my certs won't renew? I also have it trying to renew a sub domain that I removed, is it because the sub domain is failing and then the following fails?

This is my traefik log;

traefik-test.mydomain.com is now no longer a DNS record (was using this to test with a while back)

traefik-home.mydomain.com is the issue, it's not renewing..

I'm not sure what to do so any help is appreciated, also expiring in 2 days so kinda need to figure this out soon, thanks!

Hi @Stuart

Start with https://letsdebug.net/

Both certificates seem to be independent (one is not a SAN of the other) so I believe they will succeed or fail individually.