Am I able to use redis to store millions of exact paths?


I have a use case that i hope traefik can support.

I have millions of existing routes that do not follow any pattern that I can rely on.

The plan is to use redis to store these paths as kv pairs and feed them to traefik for routing. Is this possible?

I've set up Traefik and redis locally but i'm unable to work out from the docs what the routes stored in redis should look like. I was hoping to be able to say

"/route/1"  : "service1", 
"/route/2" : "service2", 

etc.. I can do this in a file provider like:

      rule: "Path(`/article/1`)"
      service: mock-content-api-traefik-testing@docker
      rule: "Path(`/article/2`)"
      service: mock-content-api-traefik-testing@docker
      rule: "Path(`/article/3`)"
      service: mock-content-api-traefik-testing@docker

But not sure how to translate this to redis KV pairs.



I worked out how to load the routes into traefik but have a new problem - Traefik seems to handle up to about 20k routes easily but trying to load anymore (our use case is up to 1.5m) causes issues. Traefik will lose connection to redis after processing the routes or crash half way through and the routes never show up in the dash.

Any ideas where the issue lies?