Advice on how to use an internal load balancer with EKS?

I have seen a couple of questions like this in the past but no one has answered. I'm looking to setup an internal load balancer on EKS that I can access via a VPN I already have setup in AWS along with an external one for allowing access to our service.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @peter-8bytes , it seems that EKS supports distinguishing public facing load balancers from internal ones through the use of an annotation on the load balancer service declaration as described here.

You can also try out our Hub platform for that, as it allows you to create private tunnels between your infrastructure and Hub and then expose services with Access Control rules.

Hi @douglasdtm, thanks for the response and thanks for that link, I hadn't come across it. I found out that another EKS chart was needed to provision application load balancers along with some tags that needed to be added to my subnets for the correct access to be granted to external and internal load balancers.

I'll look into the Hub platform too, I can't see pricing, do you have a link to that?


Since its still beta there is no public pricing yet, but I can confirm there will be a free tier once GA is out anyway, you don't need to worry about being cut off once it leaves beta :slight_smile:

Have a good day!