A good method to route individual customer URLs?

Hey there.

  • I've set up a backend for my application servers which are listening to IP:PORT/myapp
  • Now I want my customers to reach this backend via URL/customerid/myapp

I figured a good method to achieve this would be a PathPrefixStripRegex rule and strip the customerid. My app can now evaluate the request header X-Forwarded-Prefix and everything looks fine so far.

Is there an alternative/better solution to implement this?


		url = "http://localhost:5000"
		url = "http://localhost:5001"
		url = "http://localhost:5002"
		url = "http://localhost:5003"
    backend = "myapp"
    passHostHeader = true
	    rule = "Host:localhost"
	    rule = "PathPrefixStripRegex:/{customerid}/"