Traefik 'PathPrefix' not working as expected for Ingress

I'm using Traefik v1.7 and Kubernetes 1.17.

I have a k8s service that has a /customers resource that will return all customers. It can also return a specific customer at /customers/1 .

I've configured Traefik ingress as follows:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 
kind: Ingress 
     traefik.frontend.rule.type: PathPrefix
   name: customerd
   namespace: video
   - host: custd.kube
       - backend:
           serviceName: customerd
           servicePort: http
         path: /customers 

Note that the following annotation is present: traefik.frontend.rule.type: PathPrefix . From the Traefik documentation:

Use a * Prefix * matcher if your backend listens on a particular base path but also serves requests on sub-paths. For instance, PathPrefix: /products would match /products but also /products/shoes and /products/shirts. Since the path is forwarded as-is, your backend is expected to listen on /products.

The issue is that when I submit a request to /customers/1 the response is a 404 . I've confirmed that the request doesn't reach the service. If I change PathPrefix to PathPrefixStrip requests to /customers return a 404, as expected, since the service isn't listening on / . So it seems like I'm using the annotation correctly.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or further troubleshooting steps?


After more debugging I figured out the problem. It wasn’t with how I was using Traefik, it was a misunderstanding on my part about how Golang HTTP routing works. My route was coded as “/customers”. Turns out this route will never satisfy “/customers/{id}”. “/customers/“ however will route both “/customers” and “/customers/{id}”. So after a simple code change it all worked.

One factor complicating my debugging efforts was this behavior isn’t visible by inspecting the (non-Golang library) code or putting in debug log messages.