Whitelist TCP Traffic

Is there a way to whitelist TCP traffic akin to ACLs in HAProxy?

Trying to do something like this:

        entrypoints = ["https"]
        rule = "HostSNI(`kubernetes`)"
        middlewares = ["kube_whitelist"]
        service = "kubeapi"
        passthrough = true
            address = "kubernetes.default:443"

        sourceRange = [""]
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Hello @acaire,

Today there is no tcp middleware available in traefik v2.

Thought as much, thanks all the same!

There is a hope that one day we can configure some of the available middleware for TCP ?
Like whitelist, basicauth, ForwardAuth.
Or this is impossible by design?
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I'd love to see middleware added to TCP (what's possible anyway). What I'm after most is IP Whitelisting for TCP services.

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Also looking for this feature!