When attaching a container to wireguard traefik cannot forward

Hey all,

Let me start by saying that I am not terribly proficient with Traefik. Im using one of those AIO plex solutions that lets you install things via menus saltbox/cloudplow/plexguide

its been running for years and I have not touched it. Im using cloudflare for DNS only. So when I ping container.domain.com, that resolves to my server IP. I am 'assuming' from here traefik has a rule that forwards that traffic internally to the correct container. Thats all working fine.

The problem:

Plex banned authentication from all hetzner IP ranges. So I need to forward all of my plex traffic somewhere else until I can migrate. I installed Wireguard and I attached the plex container to it so they can share the same network. I am pretty sure when I did that, that prevents traefik from being able to forward, maybe because it thinks the container is offline? Not sure.

In any case, now when I try to hit plex.domain.com, nothing happens. Can someone who knows more about how traefik works help with how to start troubleshooting this? Happy to provide any logs