Running wireguard alongside Traefik 2

I have Traefik 2 running in docker and I'm using cloudflare. I have wireguard up and running as well as there are services that I need to occasionally access but don't want to exposed to the internet.

Here's my issue. I can access the wireguard server if I'm using my public IP provided by my ISP. However, my IP changes daily. I have ddns setup so that my IP gets updated automatically on cloudflare.

Wireguard allows the use of domain names. I want to be able to use wireguard via my domain name instead of having to look up the IP every time I need to connect. As I said, wireguard connects when using the IP, but not when I use the domain name. Through my searches, all I've found is that the issue has something to do with the reverse proxy. People have been able to accomplish this via nginx. I'm hoping I'll be able to while using Traefik.

Would love to know if someone figured this out.