Websocket backend not found

I'm running traefik with docker behind an nginx proxy. I reported a bug as it seems like the configuration should be correct as it works well with http and according to some documentation I found, there shouldn't be some special thing to do to make websocket work correctly with traefik.

The issue I have is that the websocket server is in rocketchat on the same port same host as rocketchat so in theory the frontend defined in docker should be the same using http as protocol using the same frontend rule and using the same network and so on... But each request using http goes in and out correctly out of traefik. But the one containing http upgrade header end up with "backend not found" which would mean something is wrong in the config...

Here's the issue in github:

Hello @llacroix,

Can you please provide the labels that are attached to your application container? You provided a bunch of different sets in your github issue.

We need to see the actual set you are using.

Hi thank you, I finally got it to work, apparently it was a problem with the nginx configuration. For some reasons, the front nginx proxy needed the host rule to be repeated inside the location section as it was somehow reset.
I guess the use of http_protocol reset the http_host header. After reintroducing all the proxy variables inside the location it started to work.