Help - Traefik v1 will reverse proxy to local docker containers, but not those on a remote host

My reverse proxy running on an IOT network at proxies hosts local to itself just fine, but when I try to get it to proxy for containers on a docker host on a GUEST network at

I've tried adding frontend and backend lines to my traefik.toml that would enable that, but I must be doing something wrong as it's not showing the additional items in the Traefik dashboard, and of course requests also don't seem to be getting to the guest docker host.

I've set up a github with my working file branched to show the additional lines to make it easy for anyone to see it. It is located here.

Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? Maybe I'm going down the wrong path with this?

Hi @BurntOC!

Can you try to move the frontend and backend definitions into the rules.toml file please? (ref.

Also, can you show us more inforamtions:

  • Curl request with the flags --verbose and --location on the URL "not working" for you?
  • Screenshots of the Traefik dashboard
  • Extract of Traefik logs with the debug mode enabled?

Thanks a lot

Sorry for the delayed response - I've been traveling for the last week. I'll definitely try this over the weekend and I should have some details before Monday.

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