Reverse proxy - am i missing something

Using Traefik v1

Recently stumbled on a site that have lot of articles and the one i got inspired by was traefik reverse proxy.

After i had all those micro services on my Pi that broke and won't boot, i got myself a HP EliteDesk mini pc and installed ubuntu hoping to run all my services.

Traefik seem very interesting so i set it up as docker, now that i have 10+ docker containers including traefik and its awesome and was easy. great job!

In my vision i thought i will have few different websites on my local network and one main page that will be exposed to internet with https + authentication stuff. which will let me access many of local network websites via reverse proxy. but i am not sure what i did wrong I did not get that result btw.

i have the domain
and created a A record
and used that host in my traefik docker-compose file like

"traefik.frontend.rule=Host:hass .${DOMAINNAME}"

when i access from internet it all works. (btw hass is the home-assistant docker)

Hass is secured with authentication and ssl, its all good. thanks to traefik to make that happen.

Home assistant has an option that we can add tabs and panel to include our own url, thats where i want to put all my local sites like,

and so.

I did create those panels and put in the url and it works fine when i am home in the local network, but does not work from outside.

what am i doing wrong?

anyone can help yet?