V2: LoadBalancer Rework?

First of all, i'm confused. Im not sure whether i post something here, open a issue on GitHub or ask on Slack.

I found out that the LoadBalancing part is being reworked [1]. I want to help and i just wanted to know:
A) where is the discussion happening?
B) is there somewhere a proposal for the new mechanism?
C) how can i get in touch to participate?

Thanks in advance for your time <3

[1] https://github.com/containous/traefik/pull/4933


For now, we have only created a "card" https://github.com/containous/traefik/projects/3#card-22814634

We will create an issue as soon as possible to discuss it with the community. When we do, I'll post a message here to let you know.

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