Traefik /docker consultant

I recently posted a question on this forum ( Can't get 443 to route to my container ).
Sadly, no replies, and not many views.
If community help isn't an option, wonder if anyone can guide me to a reliable paid consultant who can help me with my problem?
I have to get it fixed :confused:
Many thanks,

Hi @DrJonJ

I'll have a look over your question later( a few hours from now)

And if it really needs hands on assistance I can help with the other option.

That’s very kind of you!


I would be happy to take a look. Also.

  • Max.

If you guys find a solution, please post it back to the community. I've found working with traefik, there are more questions left hanging and remain unanswered, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Their original thread was responded to and has not been updated since.

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Sorry, I've been away! @cakiwi's answer to the OP fixed the problem for me. Thanks!

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