Using traefik to extract an url param and redirect to it

Hi there!

At my local network I use Pi-hole and I love the blocking feature.
But sometimes it gets a bit annoying. For example clicking on the first google's result (which is usually promoted) and getting blocked, or some forum that use trackers to earn commission on sells.

So I'm wondering: is it it possible to use Pi-hole to redirect locally all calls, for example from "", to traefik and extract the url param (sometimes decode it) then redirect the call?

I would expect that the call to the site is using https/TLS, so you would need to have a TLS cert for that domain. Only alternative is to create a custom cert and use it in Traefik and import it in (all) your browser(s).

Then you could send the request via DNS to Traefik and do a real redirect via http/s protocol. Either via Traefik redirect or via a custom script running as service behind Traefik.