How would one make a subdomain and/or path go to some public url?

Basically, i would like to have a subdomain or path go to some public url such as a reddit page or google document, but i have no idea how i would do that.

pretend i want to go to the traefik subreddit, i would like the following to [separately] take me there
these should take me to

how would i do this? it should also be easy to add more different paths or subdomains, as i will copy-paste the example for other links.

edit: to be clear, i would like to do this in a dynamic file

This is a job for the redirectRegex middleware.
I would make the regex very broad (^.*$) and use it on the routes you want to redirect.

I have a ./rules/ directory for traefik, could you give me a couple of examples of a .toml or .y(a)ml that would do what I want?

      rule: (Host(``) || (host(``) && Path(`/t-reddit`)))
      entrypoints: web
        - redirect-reddit
      service: dummy
        regex: ^.*$
# If you want a pemanent redirect
        # permanent: true
         - url:

Hey, thanks. I haven't used yaml files with traefik yet, but I think I understand how it works. (Looks much nicer than toml tho) and it works nicely!
Question: what is that dummy service for?

Your routers need a service. This is one way of providing that in a self contained fashion.

You could enable ping --ping on traefik and then use the ping@internal as the service instead.