Using Traefik in Docker Standalone with Auto Discovery

Hi all,

I'm new to Traefik and experimenting with it. I was amazed on how simple it can get used.

I have now the challenge that I need to split my docker applications on multiple hosts and cannot use kubernetes or swarm. I need to run such applications on different hosts. My setup would look like:


Like said: The docker daemons are independent.
Of cause I can use Traefik as a pure reverse proxy and bind everything manually (on IP layer). As I would like to reuse the label configs I was wondering if Traefik could detect the other docker application by using a common overlay network automatically or is there something else?

Any hints on that?

You can use a (Docker?) overlay network, but no Docker Swarm? That seems strange.

AFAIK it’s not possible to Auto Discover services on multiple nodes with bare Docker. providers.docker can be used with a remote Docker socket, but you can only have one such provider, so only one node could be auto-discovered.

Instead of manual routing, you could also use something like consul and let your application itself (or a helper) register services for routing.