Single Traefik instance + Multiple Docker instances

Hello - I have a question about a potential Traefik deployment...

I'd like to install a single instance of Traefik and have it utilize multiple Docker instances as providers. I've been using Traefik for years but always Traefik installed on the same host as the docker instance & all of the containers it was servicing.

Can I install Traefik on a single host and have it integrate with the Docker service on OTHER hosts? For example, Traefik running on a VM @ and servicing requests for Docker instances on other hosts (e.g. Docker running on and

Why? I have a few servers that run a mix of LXC containers (which I front-end with the "file" provider), single application VMs (same) and I want to have multiple VMs now that each run their own Docker stacks for like applications and I would love to have a single Traefik instance that can route all of my sub domains and services across that mix.

I'm guessing this is either a "yes, here's how..." or "no, why in the world would you do this? here's the better way to accomplish the same thing..." - I would GREATLY appreciate either!

Thanks in advance!

Docker provider works with a single docker host. Swarm mode is supported.