Using multiple dnsChallanges - is it possible?

I'm using Cloudflare and have 2 domains, let's call them and
I want both to be behind my Traefik v2 proxy and I know I can specify CF_DNS_API_TOKEN and CF_ZONE_API_TOKEN. This works well for and all it's subdoamins - nice!

But how to I continue with
I'm new to this, but AFAIK I'd need 2 challenges with 2 different sets of tokens, right? If that's not the preferred way of doing this I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance guys :wink:

PS Ofc I can provide my docker-compose.yml files if you need them!

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you don't need to use 1 set of token by domain, you just need one set.

The set must be as a token for an application, in this case Traefik, instead of a domain.

I'm still unsure about what to put into the Permissions part and what into the Zone part...
Would it be

Zone > Apps > Edit

Zone Resources
Include > All Zones