Cloudflare provider multiple domains?

Hello, so I'm slightly confused.
I had a domain with the usual Cloudflare provider, ya'know API key and token and zone id, but how do I add a second domain to that? it has a different zone id, doesn't it?

or am I being silly and CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL and CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY are all I need?

edit: realized draft title was still in use and didn't make sense

i suppose ill just have to guess then -.-

Did you get it working?

If not, here how I have done it:

      - --entrypoints.https.http.tls.certresolver=dns-cloudflare
      - --certificatesResolvers.dns-cloudflare.acme.dnsChallenge.provider=cloudflare
      - --certificatesresolvers.dns-cloudflare.acme.dnschallenge.resolvers=$DNS_RESOLVER # pihole IP