Use both Let's Encrypt and my own certificates on an entrypoint

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using Traefik as a reverse proxy to a bunch of docker containers. Those containers can be of two types:

  • Either they are publicly available on the internet, with a registered domain, in which case I wan't to use Let's Encrypt to generate certificates and use HTTPS

  • Otherwise, they are not public. In this case, I use locally registered DNS (using dnsmasq). For those, I would like to use my own certificates I generated.

However, I found no way to do so while using the standard HTTPS port (443) for those both types of container. The only working way I found was using one entrypoint with ACME on port 443 and another entrypoint on port 8443.

Is there anyway for all my services to be accessible on port 443 while using both Let's Encrypt and my own certificates ?

Thank you for your time

It's actually already explained in the documentation, I simply missed it!
For anyone wondering:

Thank you