Unable to download plugin (error 500)

I recently created a plugin, BasicAuth adapter for Subsonic.

Installing it as a locally plugin works fine, however when I try to use the normal mechanism where traefik downloads it from the portal, it does not work.

Reproducing the issue

The issue is reproducible with only the static configuration, no need to actually use it:


time="2023-10-30T20:46:01Z" level=error msg="Plugins are disabled because an error has occurred." error="unable to set up plugins environment: unable to download plugin github.com/crazygolem/traefik-subsonic-basicauth: error: 500: {"error":"Failed to get plugin github.com/crazygolem/traefik-subsonic-basicauth@v0.1.2"}\n"

Other information

I checked with traefik v2.10.3 and v2.10.5.

Traefik attempts to download the plugin using a url like https://plugins.traefik.io/public/download/<modulename>

I attempted to download my plugin with curl, and then with the demo plugin (github.com/traefik/plugindemo/v0.2.2). With my plugin it fails with the same error message, and with the demo plugin it works, which should rule out basic connectivity issues.

I found a few other posts with similar issues, and it seems that every time someone from the traefik team has to have a look as the proxy doesn't give nearly enough info to troubleshoot it.
Can you please have a look at the issue with my plugin? =)


It's unrelated to a connectivity issue: code 500 is thrown by the service that serves the plugins when an internal error occurs.

I will check the service logs tomorrow.

I can see a potential issue with your plugin:

Currently, go1.21 is not supported by the plugin system.

I confirmed the problem is related to go1.21.1, can you downgrade the go version inside for go.mod file to go1.20?

That was it, indeed.
Thanks for your help =)

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