Unable to assign static IP address for Traefik in Google Cloud

So I am trying to make Traefik the load balancer in GCloud project. But non of the static ip addresses are being accepted. I have tried both global and regional ip static addresses, but I get same error for all of them: (All of the static IP are in RESERVED state)

Warning CreatingLoadBalancerFailed 3s (x4 over 44s) service-controller Error creating load balancer (will retry): failed to ensure load balancer for service default/traefik-service: requested ip “” is neither static nor assigned to the LB

# Declare Traefik ingress service
kind: Service
apiVersion: v1
  name: traefik-service
    app: traefik-gke-demo
    tier: reverse-proxy
    - port: 80
      name: http
    - port: 443
      name: https
    - port: 8080
      name: admin
  type: LoadBalancer

Google cloud appears to not like global or static addresses applied to loadBalancers.

Based on (https://serverfault.com/questions/796881/error-creating-gce-load-balancer-requested-address-ip-is-neither-static-nor-ass), can you try creating a regional address that is not static?

I think I need to use a static ip for the domain to work reliably. I was able to get it to assign the static IP address to an Ingress using the annotation. Aside from using a load balancer service is there another way to configure the Traefik without a load balancer type service?

You could try to deploy it as type Nodeport. Then you would have to manage the (probably) dynamic endpoint on your own tough. I remember someone trying that already, but he gave up relatively short after based on that.