Traefik with grpc-web (+ Envoy?)

It looks like traefik doesn't have support for grpc-web and potentially won't for a while (

I'm trying to figure out how to set up traefik to answer grpc-web requests at

How should I set this up? Suposedly envoy can pass through the requests, so my initial thought would be to put envoy at that subdomain and have it route to the service. But the crux of the issue is traefik can't even forward the requests to envoy for decoding. It just CORS errors.

If I can't route to envoy, then it seems my only option is to have Envoy handle my routing outside of traefik (answer the grpc-web, decode, and pass it along to But if I do this, then envoy is just sitting at This is annoying from a client perspective, and further it means I don't get the TLS support I've already set up with LetsEncrypt on traefik.

Am I out of luck here? Should I just entirely move everything over to Envoy? Do I have any other alternatives?

Have you tried using Traefik for only pass-thorugh, and adding an envoy proxy behind traefik for doing the grpc-web to grpc translation. Are you using kubernetes or some other orchestartion framework?
I am experimenting with this right now on kubernetes. I will come back with the results soon.

Hi, I posted the answer to your question in Stack Overflow: