Traefik v3, and TCP services in consul service mesh

While in Traefik v2, only HTTP services could be reached when using Traefik native Consul service mesh support, I see that Traefik 3 now has ServersTransport available for TCP (ServersTransport on TCP configurations · Issue #7803 · traefik/traefik · GitHub). But it's unclear if this is sufficient for TCP service to work, or if something else must be done.

I can't seem to have it working for now (no issue for HTTPS, only TCP services in the mesh are problematic)

Anyone has some info on this ?

I finally was able to use native Consul service mesh with TCP services. The key is to ensure Traefik talk to the backend with TLS, like

This should be done automatically, as it makes no sense to have this to false with the service mesh

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