Traefik v2 Static Routes to Internal Network Web Servers

I am writing a new docker-compose for version 2 and need to provide routes to many webservers on the same network as my Docker Instance. It is my understanding that I would need at least one YML file for static routes, but please advise the best configuration because I will need to add/subtract these as I add/remove devices from my network.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am using Let's Encrypt DNS Resolver so I can add subdomains for each route. I have middleware configured to route HTTP to HTTPS for traefik.

A) HTTPS, subdomain: to
B) HTTPS, subdomain: to (only HTTP available)

I am searching for the easiest way to add/subtract these routes. Can I reference one or more yml files, one for each Example A and/or B? Is there any configuration where I can reuse as much code as possible when I add multiple of Example A or Example B?

Are there any more questions that I need to answer to describe the solution I am trying to setup?

@dwpurser : have you found a solution for that ?