Feedback for Traefik 1 to Traefik 2 migration with static certificates

For a small home installation with around 10-15 services on a docker-compose setup with static (wildcard) certificates I managed to do the transition from traefik to traefik2.

I'd like to share my issues I stumbled upon (just a few):
a) By seeing the config fragments in the documentation, I did the error to put my tls configuration into the static config, wondering why traefik generated self-signed certificates only. It took a bit to find out that besides my docker-setup, I still needed a dynamic file-config carrying the TLS definitions.
b) It seems when exposing a service via http and https, I need to declare 2 routers and one of them with tls true. This makes 3 labels on my service, which used to be a single line.

In addition, I am only missing a working dashboard. The current one only shows the amount of registered services, routers, middleware - but not which ones and to which rules they react. This made it a bit hard to find out when exactly the docker provider had configured.

Besides that, it seems to work flawlessly (for my small home setup) - thanks for the effort :slight_smile:


I agree with all said. I have similar setup and went through the exact same exercise last weekend. I can add some specifics:

  • The static reference file and the dynamic one give good overview of all posible settings, but the configuration introduction does not help at all to differentiate that those MUST be two separate files. Especially when coming from v1.
  • I would not have been able to figure it all out if I haven't stumbled on the API reference for the dashboard where I could see the actual Routers and services.

Don't hesitate to contribute on the migration guide: