Traefik v2.1.1 kubernetesService and http service deploys 2 services weighted and loadbalancer

I deployed

  • kubernetes-CRD (traefik v2.1.1)
  • kubernetes deployment and and service, at port 80
  • TraefikService that points to the kubernetes service
  • IngressRoute with http rule to point to the TraefikService

under the traefik dashboard in the http services tab I see 2 services

  • the one that I deployed with service type weighted
  • another one with the same name and "-80" at the end with service type loadbalancer

the weighed service points to the loadbalancer service.
the weighted service has 0 servers in the dashboard
the loadbalancer service has 1 servers in the dashboard

how can I configure my TraefikService or the IngressRoute so that there will not be an extra service for each loadbalancer service (why do I see 2 services instead of just 1 like I configured)

I'm experiencing the same. The weighted shouldn't be needed when we're able to define a Loadbalancer service directly in the TraefikService, but this is not possible.

Traefik creates a service for every IngressRoute, even though it points to the same Kubernetes service. I wanted to avoid this, by creating a TraefikService that multiple IngressRoutes can point to. I then created a Weighted TraefikService (as a LoadBalanced one is not possible) and then moved on from there. This resulted in 2 services instead: a Weighted one and a LoadBalanced one (the latteer is automatically created).