Service weights for ingress objects

I am using traefik 1.7 and I would like to migrate to traefik 2.x. On my ingress objects I use:

annotations: |
    app-prod: 30%
    app-preprod: 70%

I understand that in traefik 2.x I should use TraefikService for this. However, this only works with IngressRoute but I am stuck with Ingress objects. Is there any way to have service weights for Ingress objects and if not, are there any plans to implement such a feature?

Hello @paltryeffort

You are right, there is no such annotation available in v2. However, you can use TraefikService and use a weighted load balancer between Kubernetes services. One of my old examples of how to do that you can find here:

Would you please share why Ingress is mandatory - please also note that you can use both: Kubernetes Ingress and Kubernetes IngressRoute with CRD.

Thank you,