Traefik still try to access after migrating to

Traefik version: v2.10.3

Hi community,

I am trying to migrate from to so I can later migrate to v3.
Right now I am in v2.10.3. I had both and CRDs and resources and my traefik worked well so I started to clean up

Immediately after I remove apigroups for in the role or I removed CRDs in, my traefik started reporting:

W0710 21:01:11.379750       1 reflector.go:424] failed to list *v1alpha1.ServersTransport: the server could not find the requested resource (get

I wonder if trying to access to both and is hard coded in v2.10.3 and I shouldn't clean up CRDs in until I migrate to v3? If not, how could I let my traefik not try to access to so I could clean up the cluster?


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Hi @somnusfish thanks for your interest in Traefik!

This is not possible with v2.10.x ,if you want to only use you have to use v3.