Traefik v3 and Kubernetes IngressRoute CRD

Hi folks,

sorry, i have to use _ instead of . because otherwise it will count as links that i am not allowed to post.

i tried using Traefik v3 in a new setup in aks today but i encountered a big problem with it. In v3 documentation the crd definitions are using, while in v2 documentation is used. After a clean aks instal and setting up traefik v3 with v3 crd and everything i still have logs pointing to traefik_containo_us like this: is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:default:traefik-ingress-controller" cannot list resource "tlsoptions" in API group "traefik_containo_us" at the cluster scope

I cant find anything with in my files, is it possible there is a bug with that?

Best regards

Hi @andrebeekhuis, thanks for your interest in Traefik!

There is currently a discrepancy between the docs of v3 and the released beta version.
This will be fixed with the next beta release.

For now (till the release of the next beta) you can try to use the docs of 2.9.