Traefik instance became unresponsive due to too many concurrent requests?

Hi, I had a scenario where a single Traefik 2.7.1 instance running in a Docker container became so overloaded due to many concurrent requests (180% sustained CPU usage) that it was only able to trickle a very small amount of requests to any routers (nodes that routers are on were only at 1-2% CPU so it appears like none of the requests were making it through). As soon as I cut off about 50% of the traffic Traefik became responsive again and began forwarding requests to services.

Is this normal behavior? I would expect Traefik to at least forward as many requests it can. Is there a config option or system setting I'm missing here? How can I diagnose this the next time it happens?

Thanks, looking forward to any insight on this.

I understand the issue I'm posting is vague and might require some hands-on support. With that said, I'm happy to pay for support by the hour — can anyone also give me a referral to someone willing to consult on this? Thanks