Very high CPU usage with only moderate traffic

Hi there,

we are using a Traefik 2.10.1 image running in podman environment as reverse proxy for a couple of services. We have about 765 routers and services in place - don't know, if this is much.

When looking a CPU usage, we see a very high CPU load (~1000%) even though we only have moderate network traffic. Only about 20 endpoints are in use at the moment. We want to move all our traffic to this new setup but at the moment, I don't think, this will scale.

All endpoints use TLS (lets encrypt certificates).

Is it normal to have a CPU usage of ~1000% (meaning traeffic consumes 10 CPUs in average)?



Share you Traefik static and dynamic configuration, and docker-compose.yml if used.

Oh I was able to figure out, what happened. I changed some certificate to Lets Encrypt acme. But the systems connecting to Traefik did not trust X1 cert from Lets Encrypt.

The result was an endless loop from about 1000 devices to a couple of endpoints trying to connect without success (connection was terminated by client as cert was not trusted)

Load went up. After configuring all clients to trust X1, load is down to 1 CPU (holding about 15000 tcp connections).