Traefik Http2 and apache2 http2


Sorry if it's a stupid question...

Do i need to active apache 2 "mod_http2" if traefik already use it ?

I'm missing something !


Can you rephrase your question? You want to use http2? On entrypoint to receive requests or while forwarding requests to the target service? I would expect that it is enabled by default.

My website is behind an apache2 web server.
Before i installed Traefik, i used http2 from apache "mod_http2".
Now Http2 is enabled by traefik and everything is working fine.

My question is : do i need to enbled apache "mod_http2" too in a traefik context ?


Hey, @bluepuma77

I know this question has almost one year old, but i still need an answer. :sweat_smile:


Traefik has a service option disablehttp2 (link).

Therefore I would assume Traefik will use HTTP/2 by default to bundle requests over the same http connection to a target service.

If you want to use that, your target service would need to support that, too. But I am sure Traefik will also talk plain old http with a target service if it is not supported.

Well @bluepuma77 not really answer my question...

I've just tested with and without http2 module activated and nothing change.

So i can assume i don't need apache http2 module activate because traefik do it for us.

Yes, Traefik will receive HTTP/2 from external clients.

But to use HTTP/2 internally, too, you probably need to enable it in Apache web server.

yes this is what i'm concern about internally.

I will enable it too, for safety.


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