Traefik - file config - backend docker driver

Hi There! Not exactly a Traefik question but maybe someone has already done similar.
I have Traefik in the docker with 'file' provider in the docker volume. I'd like to setup a simple active/backup with Traefik and keepalived on a couple of hosts. (Don't have a capacity for a 3 node Swarm). The question is how to syncronise file configs between the two nodes. The first idea is to have NFS docker volume. But: 1) I have to rely on a 3rd host still. 2) fsnotify doesn't work with NFS volume.

The other idea is just to do rsync with cron between the hosts. But ideally I wanted something completely dockerised (portable) without any extra configuration on the underlying host.

Setting up something like Ceph is an absolute overkill here. So, are there any simple solutions to sync 'file' provider between the two hosts with Traefik?

Yeah, I wanted to sync certs across Traefik nodes. Here is an example SyncThing Docker Swarm setup, that syncs to other nodes as soon as change happens. I would say it’s highly experimental :upside_down_face:

Currently we still use managed storage, for which the provider ensures availability.

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@bluepuma77 As I understand you still have a single point of failure - syncthing controller. What if your single manager in the swarm dies?

The controller has a replica of 1, when it dies Docker Swarm will spin up a new one (on another node).