Traefik does not recognize middleware in docker labels

This is most likely not a bug and just that I am doing something wrong, but I am just learning traefik today and am quite confused by this. I have created some middlewares under docker labels but they are not recognized by traefik. Both files are a bit long, so I have linked to them instead of posting here. Here is my docker-compose.yaml, and here is the output traefik gives me.

After checking the traefik dashboard, none of my middlewares are showing up there. This is why my routers are failing. The certificates are being issued fine.

Thanks in advance for any support. I have just been learning traefik today and except for this it is working great! But I don't know it as well as haproxy. Please also let me know if there are any other things you spot I could do better with my config.

Probably because the traefik container is missing - "traefik.enable=true"

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Oh you're right. Thank you so much! I was wondering why there was no errors about it being wrong in the debug.

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