Create middleware with docker labels on traefik own container

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a middleware as docker labels directly on the traefik compose and reuse it on other routers, but this is not created.
Also the router "traefik" is not created.

Is there any limitation?

If I put the same on different containers it just works, will traefik not look for labels at his own container?
(using Docker NOT on Swarm mode)

version: '3'

    image: traefik:latest
    network_mode: "host"
      - ./acme:/etc/traefik/acme
      - ./traefik.yml:/etc/traefik/traefik.yml
      - 'traefik.enable=true'
      # dashboard
      - 'traefik.http.routers.traefik.entryPoints=https'
      - 'traefik.http.routers.traefik.tls=true'
      - 'traefik.http.routers.traefik.rule=Host(``)'
      - 'traefik.http.routers.traefik.service=api@internal'
      - 'traefik.http.routers.traefik.middlewares=onlyLAN'
      # onlyLAN WhiteList
      - 'traefik.http.middlewares.onlyLAN.ipwhitelist.sourcerange='