Traefik - DC/OS Strict Mode Integration

Hi everyone. I am a new member and user of Traefik.

Our company is currently running DC/OS in strict mode and we are looking to run an instance of Traefik outside of DC/OS to allow ingress to our Kubernetes cluster and/or DC/OS cluster.

We are currently running Traefik but we seem to have difficulty getting Traefik to connect to DC/OS and scrape data from Marathon. Following the documentation, we added the dcosToken = "" into the configuration files. But it looks as if Traefik is not overriding the authorization header as we get Authorization errors in the logs. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sample error log:

time="2019-08-05T14:45:07Z" level=info msg="Creating in-cluster Provider client"
8/5/2019 10:45:07 AM time="2019-08-05T14:45:07Z" level=error msg="Failed to retrieve Marathon applications: Marathon API error: <!DOCTYPE html>\n\n<html>\n<head>\n <title>Unauthorized</title>\n <noscript><meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5; url=/#/login\"></noscript>\n <script>\n (function () {\n var location = window.location;\n location.href = \"/#/login?redirect=\" + encodeURIComponent(location.href);\n }())\n </script>\n</head>\n<body>\n <h1>Unauthorized</h1>\n</body>\n</html>\n\n"
8/5/2019 10:45:07 AM time="2019-08-05T14:45:07Z" level=debug msg="Received nil configuration from provider \"marathon\", skipping."

Hello @tjk216,

Can you please provide us with your traefik configuration? (Please feel free to sanitize tokens etc).

Could you please also provide us with the podspec/yaml/compose or configuration you use to run traefik?