Traefik Clustering/HA in Community version

Is there any way to run Traefik v2.9 as a cluster/HA with community version?

What do you need "clustered"?

AFAIK there is a loadbalancer available (kube-vip) and cert-manager (Traefik blog).

So IMHO Traefik does not really need to be "clustered" itself. Traefik instances can run in parallel, but are not aware of each other.

We are running Traefik proxy v2.9 as Kubernetes Ingress Controller. In that I want to achieve HA. If we run 2 replicas of Traefik then how do we ensure that one Traefik instance is always available. Because it is the single point of failure for the services as all services are exposed via Traefik only.

How do we ensure Traefik HA in community version?


If you want service HA, you need to ensure the entry IP is always available, it seems this is what kube-vip can enable.

Our hosting provider is offering an external managed LB, we just run multiple Traefik instances on multiple nodes in parallel.

So we need to deploy Traefik ingress behind an external LB (external to K8s cluster) which ensures HA for Traefik. Is this What it means?

We use external, I think kube-vip does it k8s internal.