Running traefik as single loadbalancing plane

Hi there,

we are in the Progress on Migrating a big infrastructure from on premises to the Cloud. In our old setup we had a HA cluster of loadbalancers that serve the kubernetes traffic as well as the kubernetes traffic.

we would like to do the same in the cloud but with a more cloud agonostic / more handy loadbalancer in this case traefik.

Our Current Setup is a cluster of 3 traefik instances and all have marathon as provider configure as well as kubernetes. Unfortunately they randomly insert only one IP into the address description of the ingress and traefik instances to throw out endlessly the following message:

failed to update ingress status <REDACTED>/<REDACTED>: Operation cannot be fulfilled on ingresses.extensions \"<REDACTED>\": the object has been modified; please apply your changes to the latest version and try again" providerName=kubernetes ingress=<REDACTED> namespace=<REDACTED>

is it not intended to work like this and is there a good apporach to circumvent this issue ?