Traefik cluster or shared status

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if it is possible to share the status to many Traefik.

Let me explain my use case:
We use Traefik as a Kubernetes ingress controller, and it works pretty well.
We have 3 instances and we plan to deploy way more instances.
Paquets goes to Traefik via our provider load balancer (round robin).
If I configure a 1 req/s rate limit (on ip source) on a specific route, it will be configured on my 3 instances.

As my instance do not share any status, the rate limit will be per instance and not related to all of them.
Is it possible to use a specific backend (consul, redis, etc) to share rate limit source IP?

I hope my question is clear.
I wish you all a very good day.
Best regards, Julien