Traefik and ECS Thoughts

Okay, I know that Traefik v2 doesn't have any support yet for ECS and probably won't for sometime due to other priorities. I would like to continue using Traefik in my existing production environment and would love to upgrade. The new model of Traefik is way more flexible than under 1.7. So I thought about using a KV store to hold the info Traefik needs to route the request to the right container.

The problem I'm struggling with is when to put that data into the KV store. I could do it when the container is launched as an ECS service ( kinda like a sidecar method used by Envoy ), or I can have Lambda function that is trigger by a scheduled event to scan the ECS services and update the KV store. I took a brief look at the GO code for the ECS module that Traefik is using in 1.7 and it appears it just scans the ECS service and constantly updates the mappings ( not a GO programmer but that was my initial understanding of it).

Anyone thoughts on the best way to approach it?

All you said sounds reasonable to me.