Support for ECS Anywhere


I wonder how difficult could it be to add support for ECS Anywhere?
As anyone made any effort on this direction?

My current employer is very interested on this feature and is willing to give me time to develop it.
How likely this can be accepted in mainstream?

Jose Gaspar


So far we have seen some effort to at least filter out ECS Anywhere instances here.

Linked on the same PR are a few issues with some discussion on the topic as well that could be a good starting point.

I believe that the biggest issue with supporting ECS Anywhere is not within the provider implementation itself but rather on the networking layer to make Traefik able to reach applications deployed on those instances that could be running on-premise in a different network.

Having said that, If you manage to identify improvements on the existing ECS provider that would make it work better with ECS Anywhere for most use cases feel free to open a PR.