Traefik 2.9.5 changes to dynamic configuration of certificates in docker

It looks like there were additions to the dynamic configuration labels for docker in 2.9.5, traefik/docker-labels.yml at master · traefik/traefik · GitHub (see commit: ACME Default Certificate · traefik/traefik@a002ccf · GitHub).

Does anyone know how to use these labels? Is it now possible to manage the dynamic configuration of certificates somewhat using labels in docker?

I would like to be able to get rid of the reliance on the file provider to tell traefik where to look for the default certificates.

Note that this is similar to the discussion from Traefik v2 and docker compose: no default certificate - #7 by bluepuma77.

The labels that were added that I'm curious about are:

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store0.defaultcertificate.keyfile=foobar"
- "traefik.tls.stores.Store0.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.main=foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store0.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.sans=foobar, foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store0.defaultgeneratedcert.resolver=foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store1.defaultcertificate.certfile=foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store1.defaultcertificate.keyfile=foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store1.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.main=foobar"

- "traefik.tls.stores.Store1.defaultgeneratedcert.domain.sans=foobar, foobar"
- "traefik.tls.stores.Store1.defaultgeneratedcert.resolver=foobar"
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