Dynamic configuration for adding TLS certificates via Docker

Is it possible to create a certificate and key, add it to traefik via a volume and then dynamically update traefik with docker using labels to identify their path?

I would like to remove the need to update a toml file with the following:

  certFile = "/path/to/domain.cert"
  keyFile = "/path/to/domain.key"

and simply tell traefik about it when I run the docker service.

Hello @JamesGreenaway,

currently, only the file provider is capable of doing what you asked for, as you can see here on the docs.

Sorry, that I cant give you another answer

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any idea when they'd start supporting KV stores?

@trajano you can track this here: https://github.com/containous/traefik/projects/3?card_filter_query=kv .

However storing certificates in the KV store has never been production ready and might not make it in 2.0 as explained in Please explain "Distributed Let's Encrypt" feature of TraefikEE .

Is there anywhere I can track the progress of the original query?

What do you mean by "the original query"?

Sorry, I mean the original query of this post i.e:

Aaaaah ok. Sorry I don't know where to track this: watch the annoucement section of the comunity forum and/or the changelog maybe?

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Maybe that's something you can follow: https://github.com/containous/traefik/issues/5169

I just raised it

Thanks @SantoDE! Hopefully they will add this soon.