Traefik 2.3 Kubernetes: Can't Create IngressRoute on Headless Service

Hello !

I am trying to configure a Traefik IngressRoute to point to a Headless service (the service point to a Database behind the cluster). The Setup work well with a "normal" service (with the endpoint inside the cluster). I am using traefik 2.3.

But when I try to create an ingressRoute that point to the headless service, I have that error in the traefik logs:

`time="2020-11-27T10:41:53Z" level=error msg="cannot define a port for dev/-central-db-service" ingress=webapp-ingressroute providerName=kubernetescrd namespace=traefik

 time="2020-11-27T10:41:54Z" level=error msg="cannot define a port for dev/central-db-service" providerName=kubernetescrd ingress=webapp-ingressroute namespace=traefik`

And When I try to access the ingress, I have a 404 error.
Here is the IngressRoute I am trying to create, along with the Headless service with endpoint.

The setup work perfectly with a "normal" service.

What did I miss? Is it even possible to point to headless service with traefik 2.3 ? Thanks in advance for your help.