Traefic 1.7.9 ceased working all of a sudden in Azure AKS

It's been almost a year Traefik has been working flawlessly in our K8s cluster in Azure. We noticed the app is inaccessible and the Cloudflare sent its standard HTTP 522. Turned out Traefik Pod crashed with quite abstract error (CrashLoopBackOff). I tried to re-create the Pod - no effect... the entire Ingress Redeployment didn't help as well. I have upgraded the cluster to the latest version then (1.15.12) which only worsen the situation... now I can't even deploy the 'yaml' manifests without the error.
Any attempt to apply 'yaml' manifests display the following error:
"error: error validating "Traefik_config.yaml": error validating data: the server could not find the requested resource; if you choose to ignore these errors, turn validation off with --validate=false"
If I use "--validate=false" flag - it deploys just fine but does not work as expected... I looked into the logs... no errors and the deployment is all green now. I can access Traefik's dashboard and see the mapping between the Freontend and the backends but the service is still inaccessible.