Traefik fails to install on k8s v1.23.1

I am currently attempting to install traefik on a new cluster that is running kubernetes v1.23.1. I am running into the following error:

    ~/Downloads ❯ helm upgrade --install traefik \                                                                                                         ⎈ kubernetes-admin@kubernetes
    --namespace traefik \
    --set dashboard.enabled=true \
Release "traefik" does not exist. Installing it now.
Error: failed to install CRD crds/ingressroute.yaml: unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "CustomResourceDefinition" in version ""

I am curious if anyone has also run into this issue, I am new to kubernetes so I am still feeling my way through this.

Same issue here.
Have you got it fixed?

Fixed it by using the official repo

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