Specify default routers

hi there,

I installed traefik with the helm chart on a k3s cluster. I have two entrypoints (web and websecure). After that I define some services an ingresses and everything is routed (and http redirected) correctly.

Now I want to migrate an application over that needs ports other than 443/80 for plain TCP and UDP traffic. So I added additional ports to the helm chart values and entrypoints to the static configuration. The additional entrypoints show up in the web-ui. When I then add the Ingress the resulting routers are attached to all available tcp entrypoints. I know that this is as intended and stated in the documentation: "If not specified, HTTP routers will accept requests from all defined entry points." but I only want to use these entrypoints for one service (which is also no HTTP service but plain TCP).

I can prevent the ingress to to use the entrypoint by adding the folowing annotation to the ingress object: "traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/router.entrypoints: web, websecure". But this has to be added to all ingresses. When I understand the 1.7 documentation correctly there is an option "defaultEntryPoints" there which allows me to set this global default. Does such an option exist in v2?